Mat Services

With Cormack’s indoor door mats, you can reduce the amount of dirt and water being bought into your building, which means less cleaning, and floors which look much better and are safer to walk on.

According to studies by ISSA (the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association), about 80% of the contaminants found in most buildings are carried in on people’s shoes.

Outdoor door mats are great for scraping dirt from feet but indoor door mats soak up water as well as removing dirt, keeping floors cleaner for longer and avoiding the possibility of a slip hazard.

Our lift and lay service

For indoor mats to remain in pristine condition and effective they need to be well maintained, ensuring a clean and well-presented entrance. With our lift and lay service your business will always give a great first impression to your clients. We will replace your dirty mats for clean ones on a regular basis. For bespoke logo mats we will provide a mat with a duplicate logo.

Logo mats are available as part of a contract.

Cormack Mat - Mat Services