Reusable Plastic Shot Glass 25ml


Reusable Plastic Shot Glass 25ml

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This Econ Reusable Plastic Shot Glass 0.8oz/25ml is a rigid and reusable shot glass that is perfect for busy bars, clubs and catered events. This crystal polystyrene shooter is safe to be used in a glasswasher and can be washed up to 100 times before being recycled. This strong shot glass is manufactured to European and US Food and Drug Approval. If this Econ polystyrene shot glass is dropped, it will not smash, making it perfect for busy environments where there is a risk of breakages if glassware is used.

Shot glasses can also be used for serving mini individual desserts as another option for these plastic shot glasses, or for serving tasters of beers and ciders. This plastic shot glass holds 25ml of liquid and is sold in cases of 100.