Discover the Cormack Way

Posted on 20th December 2018 in Company News
Cormack commercial website mockup simply 5 star service 600x338 - Discover the Cormack Way

Welcome to a brave new world for us.

At Cormack Commercial we have been trading for over 60 years and have been very successful.

One of the main questions we keep getting asked is, when are you going to have a website? We’ve searched for you and cannot find you… Well the truth is, we’ve been so busy cleaning and doing maintenance that we didn’t have much time left to build a website!

That’s all changed now though…so…We’d like to welcome you to our new website and here’s to the next 60 years!

We’ve rebranded with a strong nod to our experience and inspiration from brands of yesteryear.

You’ll be seeing more of us and more of this new look as we clean up our digital footprint for the modern age.

This is just the start as we look to grow, with hints and tips on our blog, a shop (coming soon) to order our products and why not follow us on social media?

Ultimately, we did this to make your life easier, we are rather proud of what we have achieved over the last 60 years and would love you to continue to join us for the future.

What makes us special is that we deliver exceptional service to any business wanting to provide the best environment for their teams (we call it The Cormack Way) and once you’ve worked with us, you’ll know that it makes all the difference.

Speak soon.

Richard Cormack